A collection of our top picks for the top App Store apps users can install and run on their smartphones.

The week ahead, we bring to you a range of applications to help alter the appearance of your iPhone and make it easier to use.

The applications we offer range between paid and free or in-app purchases that are free and we inform users of the status of each app.

WidgetSmith App

Widgets play a significant role in the latest Apple systems, particularly since iOS 14. Every year, Apple increases the amount and usage of widgets.

This is the reason WidgetSmith helps create widgets that you like and then put them on your screen in order to maximize the use of the space they are allocated.

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Through this application, you can design widgets using texts, images inspirational quotes, other elements that allow you to personalize your phone.

You can download and install the app for free through the App Store.

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If you love reading but are having difficulties finding the appropriate new titles, visit the library close to your home.

This application was created to assist you in being able to read and create the library you’d like to have by letting you use this app to borrow books.

It is possible to read books straight from the application without having to download any separate application or download a separate file. Additionally, the application also has an audio library.


This application allows users to modify Raw as well as ProRAW images that are generated by different iPhones and come with the most powerful software.

With this program, it is possible to select an array of colours and make various adjustments to match the requirements of the image. later apply these to a collection of images in one go.

The main benefit of this application is that it’s completely absolutely free, however, the app also comes with a number of monthly subscriptions which give you extra options.

Authy . App

It is among the very first apps with two-factor authentication accessible online. The application comes with an intuitive interface.

It also allows you to manage multiple two-factor authentication account in a simple and straightforward manner and store the information easily to allow you to gain access to it quickly.

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