Amazon shuts down ranking service

It was announced that Amazon will close firm Amazon has shut down an online tool that was classified websites owned by the company for the last 25 years.

This service includes an annual fee for a subscription that includes tools for analysis and search in SEO and analytics, will cease to provide ranking and statistics for websites next year.

After the shutdown of The company will be going to shut down its API in December 2022, as per Amazon. The company lets users export their Alexa data prior to taking down the service.

The company announced its plan to close its ranking service for websites in May 2022 through its support website . “After two decades of helping find and reach your digital audience, we’ve made the decision to close on May 1, 2022,” the company announced in its page for support.

She said, “Thank you for making us your preferred source for research on content and analysis of competition Keyword research, competitive analysis, and more.

The Website Ranking Service will stop accepting new subscriptions starting the 8th of December. Existing customers will still be able to access until the service is shut down.

Rankings for websites Alexa was launched in 1996 before being acquired in 1996 by Amazon at the end of 1999. This was just 15 years after Amazon launched its own digital assistant

The service offered the traffic ranking or global ranking, a listing of the world’s most visited websites.

The rating is now the most sought-after metric on the site, and provides users with an idea on the level of popularity of a specific site.

The company has derived this information from a tiny number of users on the internet who have the browser extension, as well as from sites that opt to install their traffic monitor software directly.

Amazon stops the service following 25 years of existence

Although the company hasn’t provided an explanation for the decision to shut down the service for ranking websites the reports point to statistics from the marketing and traffic analytics firm Semrush which shows that the service’s traffic has experienced declining over time

The rating service accounts on the website are on Twitter as well as Twitter are not changed to inform users of the imminent closing of the service yet. ratings are always popular and controversial, at the same time. This isn’t surprising considering the importance of generating the metrics for traffic to numerous online businesses.

There have been numerous allegations in the past that the traffic classification system of the service could be changed. The service was nevertheless the most well-known name in the area.