How many weeks in month how to know

The month is the number of weeks in a question, you may discover that some do not know that it is 4 weeks, in one of the most difficult months, where the average variety of days in a month is generally thirty days, and also the number of days of the week is 7 days from Saturday to Friday, with one month divided by 7 days to see the output (4.2) means 4 weeks as well as the number of days

month the number of days.
The ordinary number of days in a month is 30 days, however, there are some 28-day months, 31-day months, and 30-day months:

January 31 days
February 28 days
March 31 days
April thirty-day
May 31 days
June thirty days
July 31 days
August 31 days
September night 1 month
October 31 days
November thirty days
December 31 days

The number of weeks in the Hijri month?

There are 51 weeks in the Hijri month and twelve months in a lunar year

The number of days a week?

7 weekdays:

Year how many weeks?
There are 52 weeks in a fiscal year

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