HP laptop advantages and disadvantages when purchasing

HP laptop is the best choice for you if you are thinking about buying a new laptop, as HP may be characterized by offering many versions and many versions, and many types of laptops, it may suit many people, so it is one of the most attractive companies A very large segment of people in the market, as its internal memory capacity is large, it is possible to store many things on it, and the battery lasts for a few hours of use and has a lot of advantages, and now we will present with you a catalog of some types of HP laptops and learn about each of their advantages and disadvantages.

Hp laptop features

It has an internal storage capacity of up to 500 GB, which is a good, medium-capacity, that may suit people who have average use of a laptop.


 It can store all of the following movies, videos, and games on the internal space of the devices.


Also, this device may feature a high-quality screen that may be HD, which has the ability to play all files in high quality, wonderful and distinct


One of its most important features is that it is lightweight, so it makes it easy to carry and move around, compared to other laptops that have the same features but are very heavy in size.


With all of these features, its price is very low for all of these capabilities.

Disadvantages of an HP laptop

One of the disadvantages of this laptop is that the screen size may be very small, reaching about 14 inches, which makes it small for both game lovers, and all video viewers are exposed to their lack of enjoyment of watching.


This device comes without any Windows operating system, so its new owner must purchase an operating system copy.


The speed of transferring data for the laptop is not that great, because the central processor of this laptop is very weak and not strong, so it is very slow in transferring data and transferring the rest of the other tasksٰ.


As for the graphics card, there are very limited capabilities, so it cannot play newly downloaded games, and it is generally not suitable at all to download games to it.


This laptop is only suitable for both school students, college students, regular internet visitors, and writing on word, label, PowerPoint, etc.


As for gamers and those who use graphics, they may need a laptop with such high potential.

HP ZBook 15 UG2 laptop features

One of the advantages of the HP ZBook 15 U G2 laptop is that it can withstand all the harsh conditions that happen to it, from falling from a high height of about a meter, without being damaged in any way.


This type is protected by a keyboard that can expel any liquids that fall on it, so you should not be afraid of dropping any of the water, tea, or coffee cups on it.


It also has a feature to protect all data by fingerprint, and it is characterized by automatic review of any malfunctions in its file and the speed of processing it.


This device may be characterized by a large keyboard, smooth and very comfortable for all users, and it has a very suitable lighting power for all operating conditions.


It has a very fast and powerful touchpad.


The battery will last for many long hours, which can be approximately 6 hours.


Its design is elegant, sturdy, and attractive.


It has a very high screen, it has high clarity and very attractive colors.


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