Huawei asks the United States to reconsider its ban

Huawei has filed a draw in a US court to deem the ban from the US Federal Communications Commission during the period of former US President Donald Trump.

The US Federal Communications Commission had placed Huawei and several Chinese companies coarsely on the list of those banned in the United States and imposed sanctions that prevented it from dealing when American companies and vice versa. This is due to its threat to US national security, according to the decision of the era.

Huawei wants to use the election of President Joe Biden to titivate associates after the United States, especially to lead the demonstration back former President Trump was the main excuse for the ban in the arrival by issuing an emergency presidential order for that in front of the Federal Communications Commission avowed that finally after a round of investigations.

For its share, the subsidiary US giving out appears approving of the ban, but it may reconsider that in the coming months, especially if the court considers the decision as void.

It is noteworthy that the US ban concerning Huawei and its prevention of using American equipment and technology in its products contributed to the company’s fall significantly and its heritage to fourth place in the list of the largest phone companies in terms of sales, in adviser to forcing it to sell the brand to the center class, Honor, which was a major gloss for raising Its sales during the rider years.

New reports have in addition to surface that the company is intending to sell its flagship P and Mate series product descent due to declining sales.