Reddit has added image galleries

In the past when you want to add multiple images in one post on Reddit the process was an effort. The majority of users, particularly on mobiledevices, were required to insert hyperlinks to other photo-sharing websites such as Imgur into their post or respond. Today, Reddit is adding a new feature known as Image Gallery, which lets you incorporate many images and GIFs in a single post, even using a mobile device.

Before, redditors had a option to upload multiple images directly onto the website if they were using a desktop computer that had the Reddit redesign turned on. With The Fancy Pants Editor (yes that’s how it’s known as) users could choose several images to drag into the post , or click the icon for small images and highlight the images they wish to upload.

The new image galleries on Reddit are now able to upload at least 20 photos or GIFs in a single post including support for several videos within the post that will be available “soon after launch,” according to Reddit. Every community is able to enable an Image Gallery feature, but moderators of the community will have to sign up to allow their members to access the feature.

The feature is currently available for desktop and iOS devices The feature is available on desktops and iOS devices, with support for Android devices to follow this week. The next step is that Reddit plans to include the ability for users to post multiple types of files (GIFs images, GIFs, as well as videos) in one post.