The best health apps to monitor your health via iPhone

Health apps became one among the foremost important aspects of smartphone use, as they assist you to monitor your health over the phone.

Most health apps also allow you to stay track of what you dine in order to form the foremost of your food and to be ready to change your bad eating habits.

So here are the simplest health apps that you simply can install on your phone.


FatSecret app

This app is one among the foremost popular food and ingredients monitoring apps. The app allows you to record everything you eat throughout the day also monitor your exercise activities to require under consideration.

Through the appliance, you’ll track your calories and therefore the appropriate thanks to eating until you reach your ideal weight.

And the application can provide you with professional advice from nutritionists at any time of the day through a paid subscription.



Fitbit works best once you use it with the company’s smartwatches, which are specifically designed to trace your activity.

With a paid subscription, the appliance provides you with access to a gaggle of the simplest experts round the world to advise you on how often you sleep, your activity, and therefore the exercises you are doing throughout the day.

The application also can monitor your eating habits and therefore the foods you eat in order that you’ll control and monitor your food.

You can connect the app with smart scales to enter your measurements for experts to review before helping you, and it works with professional scales also .


My Diet Coach app

This application helps you reduce and reach your ideal weight through a spread of steps.

The app acts as a private trainer staying with you throughout the day to remind you to drink water at an honest rate throughout the day additionally to keeping track of what you eat and your daily activities.

The application includes a food ingredient tracking feature so you’ll know the proportions of the various ingredients in your food to watch and control them.

You can download the app for free of charge , but some features are locked behind various subscription packages.


Monitor Your Weight app

This application allows you to trace your weight and continuously produce graphic reports about your weight and weight loss rate.

This application has won many various awards, because it was developed within the State of Kuwait under the supervision of a gaggle of doctors.

The application can follow a variety of health factors besides weight in order that you’ll reach the simplest health result with it.