TubeBuddy The easiest way to succeed on YouTube

The tool Tube Paddy TubeBuddy is an add your browser ‘s Chrome (Chrome Extension) goal is the makers of content and the owners of the channels in YouTube, where they offer a lot of features and features to try to manage the channel and to control videos , and help channel managers to increase productivity and to shorten the time, Throughout this article, we will present the most important features that this tool may offer for everyone who publishes visual content on YouTube.


You can download this add-on directly from the add-on market in the Chrome Web Store, then it is used for free to manage your channel and your videos, and it will help you profit from YouTube , but the free version may give you a limited number of features, which the owner company offers Several types of subscriptions besides the free version with different prices. You can see the types of subscriptions and the difference between them through the prices page on the official website


Quick access menu

After loading and linking add to your channel on YouTube will show you a new list at the top next to a rectangular search, that list will make it easier for you to reach several parts in the control panel simply and quickly from any page found out, also you can access them to a page of your control site ( TubeBuddy ) By clicking on ( My Account ), through which you control many features (as we will know later), and more than one channel can be added to the same main account on the site.


Ready responses

One of the important features that this add-on provides – especially for those who have large channels that receive a lot of comments every day – is the automatic comments feature, which are phrases and paragraphs that can be written in advance – via the control panel – and then respond to comments with these phrases and paragraphs with a quick click, instead of Write the same response every time


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This feature is called (Canned Responses), and in the beginning you have to create ready-made phrases or paragraphs suitable for responding to some comments, and to do that, click on the new icon that will appear under the comments and then click on the gear icon, you will go to the control panel, create the phrase and choose it A name (such as: Thank you) and then save the changes, and the names of the phrases will appear in the list in the next times, so you have to click on the name of the phrase and it will be written directly in response to the comment


When entering the comments page in the control panel, you will find several changes that have occurred there, including the feature to know the number of subscribers in the commenter’s channel. As is evident in the previous image, there is a new field added in front of the commenter’s name, this field appears in front of the channels that have Subscribers only, which is useful for identifying active channel owners who interact with you and write comments on your videos

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TubeBuddy The easiest way to succeed on YouTube


Features of TubeBuddy 

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of choosing keywords and tags
  • Easily change video thumbnail easily
  • 14 days free for professional account
  • Knowing the competing videos and their sites on YouTube